Our wonderful Volunteers

An organisation like ours is nothing without the wonderful work of Volunteers helping us to help you.

From Dave our minibus driver, to Ian who runs our Art classes, to Paddy who dreams of camera’s and pictures, to Ellie in the kitchen and plenty more volunteers beside, we worship you.

You make us special, you make us proud, you make us what we are

Dave is one of our Volunteer mini-bus driver. Without Dave and his team, there would be no trips, no days out, no luncheon clubs.

Paddy runs our Photgraphy and Camera club. He’s a keen amateur photographer and is very enthusiastic in helping others.

Ian is our artistic expert – a naturally gifted chap with a keen eye and smooth paint stroke. Try out the Art Classes that Ian runs, and find your inner Picasso!

If you are thinking of becoming a part of WHERE, or would like to volunteer, please get in touch – we’d love to see how we could work together to create a better community.

Speak to Barbara, pop in, or email us.

Thank you

Become a Volunteer