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In 1988, Dr Bernard Newmarch a local GP opened a Health Information Centre distributing leaflets giving information on Health conditions, in a Port-a-Kabin, parked in the council car park in North Street, Wellington. The charity was first registered at this time.

This service proved to be so successfull that the council provided funding in order for it to expand and develop, and in the years following WHERE continued to diversify and develop as need and funding dictated. In 2004 the present CEO joined the organisation.

It was at this time that funding streams changed drastically and many of the services were taken ‘in house’. WHERE needed to change direction in order to be able to continue. It changed from being an umbrella body, and managing many different projects, to being a hands on organisation. After researching the Health and Social Care Sector to determine gaps in the service provision, we became an Active living centre offering a wide range of activites, courses and events. This runs alongside our cafe and both are open Mon-Fri from 9.30am till 3.00pm with some evenings and weekends.

Our mini-bus provides transport to and from the centre, trips out, and can be hired by local organisations.

Your personal invitation to see and join in with amazing people doing amazing things, get in touch below and surprise yourself!

Together we will conquer loneliness

W.H.E.R.E. is here to support you – if you are suffering with physical or mental disabilities, long term health conditions, or you have become socially isolated due to health, bereavement or age, then we are here for you.

To enable this to happen our team of staff and volunteers are people pushing this common vision through our time, investment and application of the gifts God has given to each of us.

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Join in the fun at W.H.E.R.E in Wellington, Somerset

friendship, fun, fitness, good food, trips out, learning and laughter – come and see how we can help you.

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